Kay Driver is a Current member of the Watercolor Society of Oregon and has been since 1991. She is also a member of the Plein Air Society of Southern Oregon, The Artist's Group of Southern Oregon and the Rogue River Artist’s Group. She attended Oregon State University and Southern Oregon State University. Kay has studied under Judy Morris, Richard McKinley, Steven Quiller, Carla O’Connor, Donna Zagota, Ilene Gienger Stanfield, Robert Burridge and Alvaro Castagnet.  She is a multi-media artist using all mediums including airbrush and encaustic wax. She is a native Oregonian and both of her grandparents homesteaded in Oregon. Kay is the mother of eight, nine grandchildren and considers herself a world traveler. She is a certified sailor and has spent many hours cruising through the waters of the Virgin Island, French West Indies, Grenadines, Tahiti, Tonga and the Puget Sound.  Her favorite place in the world is Colliuer, France.


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